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Free EPoS Software, Mobile and Online Backoffice, No credit card required, Try it now!

1. Advert screen

Our Free EPoS software allows you to display advertisements on the second or third display. It is great for your customers to know current offers at your shop.

2. Set any language

Our software is language independance so you can choose and change the language easily. All reports can be changed to your preferred language so there are no legal issues.

3. Scale integration

You can integrate a scale with our Epos so you don't need to manually weigh vegetables, fish, meat or any product as it's all automatically passed to our Epos. Just place your item on the scale and all the details will instantly appear on your Epos.

4. Multi payment methods

It allows you to pay by card, cash, cheque, coupon and via PayPal so Your customers won't have any problem with the payment.

5. Cloud data storage

Our cloud service allows your Epos to backup all data to cloud which prevents data lose. It enables you to retrieve data at any time

6. Stock control

Easy stock control that allows you to keep up to date with your stock. This help you find out the best selling products and prevent stock loss.

7. Self edge Label print

Easily print self edge barcode labels, Most business will pay more money to buy shelf edge label print software but our software have that option for free